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Polygon Lights
Modular, touch sensitive lighting.
Project started
in college.
Grew business to
$1M+ Revenue
Scaled production
to 75,000+ units
Problem - Over illumination and consumption in the lighting industry - Insight - More efficient lighting actually leads to overall increase in consumption. - Solution -  Using only as much as you need. Specific and customizable lighting system.
magnetic tiles.
Touch sensitive.
Swipe for light.
lighting levels.
Çava seat
Passive health monitoring.
Raised $1.8M+
in funding.
Gut health analysis
Slimmest electrical
bidet design.
A toilet seat capturing the broadest range of health measurements without changing anything to your daily routine. Day-to-day health monitoring is the key to shifting from a reactive healthcare system to preventive health.
Solving gut health data collection.
Stool is one of the most valuable yet unaccessible pieces of data when it comes to understanding your health. Current collection methods are expensive and unscalable. Jeanie is an inexpensive device that can be installed in the toilet to automate and provide the user an immediate feedback loop an analysis for their “data submissions”.